Labor Day Elk Ride

Elk Ride

Monday, September 4th PA V will meet at Sheetz in Wingate at 0800 for our Second Annual Labor Day Elk ride.

The ride will follow last years ride with stops in Renovo, Bennezette and Medix Run.

A Dinner stop will be made either at the Bennezette Hotel or the Medix Run Hotel depending on our group size and their availability.

While in Bennezette riders can choose to see either the Elk Lookout Center or the Winery. The ride will end where it started. In total it is about 130 miles or so.

This will be a “ride at your own risk” ride and is not an Official Red Knights ride, All riders are welcome to come along and enjoy the day and there is no cost to ride.


Fuel Stops

Starting Point – Sheetz, Wingate

1ST Leg – Snow Shoe, multiple truck stops

Renovo- Two Gas Stations

Last Leg- Bennezette – One Gas Station

Snow Shoe, multiple truck stops

End Point – Sheetz, Wingate


Grand Tour Stations Available to be taken

Snow Shoe EMS

Snow Show FD

Renovo FD

Karthaus Vol. Fire Co.

Pine Glen FD



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