Active Members


Active membership shall be available to Active and Retired Firefighting personnel of an established Fire Department, which is under the command of a Fire Chief or Public Service Director whether they are Career, Part Paid, On Call, Volunteer, Military or Industrial and who presently own or have access to a Motorcycle and have a current legal Motorcycle endorsement.

Active Members

Steve Barr

Barbara Barr

Connie Blair-Holt

Michael Duck

Nate Frey

Budd Grahm

Mike Gibboney

William Harber

Adam Mayes

Nicholas Mills

Brandon Myers

Marlin Neff

Karen Nihart

Mike Reidell

Jimmy “Jake” Risley

Lew Summers

Christy Steinbacher

Pat Steinbacher

Shane Steinbacher

Randy Weaver

Scott Weaver